Elementary school bullying got you down? Time to shake the blues and meet 11-years-old Ayala Yona. See how she can help give you confidence in dealing with some
bullies and turn them into buddies. This book will help you feel happy and empowered!

Some of the ways this book can help are:

1. Knowing about anti-bullying experts. You will get to know who the BIGGEST anti-bullying expert is.

2. Showing you how Ayala was able to handle the situation.

3. Worksheet at the end of the book will help you learn how you can help yourself or your friends.

4. Learning that if one kid can fight off a bully gracefully, then anyone in the world can too.

If you are searching for a book on bullying for children, then this one is a good fit, especially on elementary and middle school bullying. Click here to buy this Elementary school bullying on Amazon.

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  1. Melissa Miller says:

    Ayesha, I am sooo proud of you. You have been a busy girl over the summer. Can’t wait to read it. Proud to tell people you are a student from North Elementary.

  2. hey ayesha thanks for putting my name in your book you r my best friend!!!!!

  3. Anna says:

    And you are how old?? NINE!?!?!?!?! woah. I am trying to join your ayesha reviews thingy. I am currently reading WOG by lauren knighton. Way 2 go!!

  4. i need smothing that can help me and i want to stop getting bullyed

  5. Ben says:

    What’s up? Love the book!! :)

  6. Keya says:

    How do you become a blogger?
    This looks like a great website, and I would love to join!

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