Book Signings/Events

Ayesha is scheduled for the following book signings. For more information, call 336 388 0248.


4. Gunn Memorial Library in Yanceyville, North Carolina. Date: Oct 20th, 2011. Fun Day will be hosted by Ayesha with lots of fun activities for children.

3. Community Market, in partnership with United Way of Danville. Date September 2nd, 2011. Starting at 5:30 pm. Ayesha will be donating 20% of the proceeds to United Way. Please call United Way to register for the kickoff event: (434) 792-3700.

2. PJ’s Book Store in Danville, VA. Date September 3rd, 2011. Starting at 10:30 am. Address: 235 Piney Forest Road.



1. Read Green Books in Danville, Virginia. Date: Aug 6th – Starting 10 am.


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