This story is about an 11 year old girl who is made fun of in her school because they are jealous of her because she is fairly smart.


This is a topic that the media and the schools have been really drawing attention to lately. There is a group in the high schools now that have been going around with the slogan “It stops here”. They have made a group effort to bring attention to it, due to recent problems with this in the schools. I think this is a good concept, that each individual would make an effort not to hurt people and bully anyone to make themselves feel better. So kudos for helping out the effort, Ayesha.

The thing I noticed the most about this story and was kind of funny to me was I first noticed her blouse. I noticed it was pretty. Then, I noticed it kept changing colors. I was relieved, later on, when I found out the reason for this was the artwork was done by a 2-year old when it came to the colors. I was beginning to wonder what was the deal. It reminded me of one of those funny dreams you have where your clothes keep changing colors.

By Kottonjeanz

This book explains a lot of good things about bullying and really is very informative on what to do when you are getting bullied. I recently had to go through bullying like Ayala did but I wasn’t as quick to get help and just ignored the bully and her friends and it really just made it worse. I was miserable for a really long time until one day I couldn’t take her harassment anymore and called my mom in tears to come pick me up from school. As soon as my mom found out she made sure to tell the principal and had me explain everything that had been going on and why I thought it was happening. The next day those girls were put on a harassment contract and weren’t allowed to speak or even look at me anymore. So it really is a good thing to just talk to an adult about what is happening and have them help you in trying to solve things and make going to school more comfortable and not tragic.


The title of the book really caught my eye. I read Buddy Bully by Ayesha Starns.

The book talks about the different types of bullies and and how you should tell somebody if you or someone you know is being bullied. The book includes entries from Judge Tom, Debby Vandeven and Dr. Leonard Cash. The book has lots of websites that you can go to and even includes spaces where you can record your answers to questions that Ayesha Starns asks you.

This book has very interesting illustrations and even includes a story about Ayala, an 11-year-old girl who was being bullied and told her principal about it. The principal got on the bus and gave a speech about bullying and how it can hurt people. From that moment, Ayala stopped being bullied and the bully turned nice. The story shows you why you should tell somebody. The book includes an ”About the Author” page and an “About the Artist” page.

The author wants to let you know that bullies are kids just like you and most cases of bullying are caused by silly little things that can be fixed easily. This book helps you become more aware of bullies and how you can stop bully problems. It’s good for any age. Ayesha Starns should be proud of herself for creating awareness of this problem.

by Gracev

After reading “Buddy Bully” it reminded me that bullying is wrong, but that it still happens often. The author “Ayesha Starns” tries to inspire kids to never be a bully and that if you know someone who is being bullied you should help them. When I read about how the main character Ayala was bullied it made me mad because it was over something so stupid. It relates to real life because most bullying cases happen over something stupid and not worth fighting about. One thing that confused me while reading this book is that the bully in the situation Githea was very mean and rude to Ayala throughout the book but suddenly became very nice towards the end of the book. Also I didn’t like how Ayala told her teacher and her teacher did nothing about it. I feel that the author should have explained why Githea became so kind. The illustrator did a very nice job making the pictures look cartoonish to attract young children. I can relate with this book because I was teased over something stupid when I was younger but I had a friend who helped me through it all. This book is well written and very relatable. I recommend to young kids.

by Brendan

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